A few tips on how to get more viewers and subscribers



When the Beta is done you will be able to earn money from your content. But in order to make money from it you need to get viewers. We have therefore gathered a few tips to help you get more viewers and subscribers so you will be prepared for the official launch.


Twitch, YouTube etc:

It’s good to use the different channels you have already established. If you have a stream on Twitch, or own a youtube channel. Tell your viewers about your content or have a link to it on your profile.


We have gathered a few images that you can use for your channels. You can find them at the bottom of this page. Show them while streaming, have it displayed on your youtube videos or use it as a link on your description page. This will generate a good amount of traffic to your Content.  


Social Media:

If you have social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, make sure to always share your new content to create an interest among your friends/followers. Let’s say that you have 300 friends/followers on any social media account, where 20% of them are interested in what you have published on Gamerslug. This will give your content 60 pageviews. And let’s say that they like is so much that they spread it to 60 of their followers. This will result in 3600 pageviews.


Gaming websites and Forums:

Another great method you can use is to share your content on gaming websites and forums. Almost every game has its own where people share their gaming experiences. Make sure you link your content on those websites and tell them about your Gamerslug profile.


Word of mouth while playing games:

One of the best factors of gaming is that you play and interact with others. By talking to these people about your content and spreading it through your online friends can benefit you a lot. If they like it they will spread it to their friends etc.


Pro tip:

Spread your articles often in the various medias available. The more links you have out there, the greater the chances are that your content will be seen.

Analyze your page views to find a pattern that shows you which link gave you the most views. Use that data to your advantage and put more effort into the channels that benefits you the most.


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21 JUNE 2017

The new systems in legion Part I

So World of Warcraft Legion has been out for one and a half month now. We have already published one blog post on our thoughts of the new expansion. We will now do a follow up to that post on how we here at Gamerslug like two of the new systems in WoW Legion. This week we will discussion Mythic+ and the next week arena and the new PvP system.




Our top 5 reasons why Legion is the best expansion yet!


Mythic plus system:

The Mythic+ system has to be one of the best features in Legion. The content starts off as not so challenging with normal mythic but scales very quickly and becomes very hard. The later content is hard enough for old time player to find it difficult and they do not need to be online between 19:00-23:00 three times a week for a raid. This flexibility to play whenever you want is really what WoW needs to attract some of their old players whom now have kids or jobs which will not allow them to raid anymore. These players as well as the casuals can now get good gear progression and follow the raiders, but still putting them through a challenge and not just throwing loot at them.




We love the fact that you have to put your own group together and travel to the summoning stone. No more pressing “i”, being matched up with some randoms and being auto teleported to the instance. Being forced to put together a group and travel to the instance makes it feels so more authentic and we feel that we put more effort into the instance. This also comes from the fact that you physically invite people, if you play well you remember the name. This kind of reputation system is so well made and reminds of the old experience in dungeons.


There are some downsides and potential downsides that we here at Gamerslug can identify with the Mythic+ system. The first downside is the raid race. It took Exorsus 18 hours to down Xavious on mythic. We love the mythic race to watch who gets world first. This time it was a joke and mythic dungeons are probably to blame sadly. The other downside and this one is so far only a potential downside is that Mythic+ dungeons needs a lot of maintenance to be fresh. We will need more dungeons and the loot need to be better from these as well as being harder. We think Karazhan will bring this but more is needed in future patches.

How are you guys enjoying the new Mythic+ system in Legion? Let us know on our Facebookpage!

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12 OCTOBER 2016

Has Valves greediness gone too far?

This blog post will be concerning the newest update for CS:GO. The last couple of weeks CS:GO has been pumping out updates, with sound effect, changes to how jumpfireing works, etc. We here at Gamerslug see these as good changes and also needed to keep the game fresh.

The newest update that hit the servers this week was graffiti one. All of us here at Gamerslug are long time players of CS going back as far as to the 1.5 days of CS. The tagging has always been a big part of the old games and we really do love the system. The concept is that after you kill an enemy or do a spectacular play you tag. This tag is used to be recognized in the old days and was good way of saying “haha you just got owned”.

With the new system you can’t (!) choose your own tag and it will cost money. The system looks as follows, you get a free tag when you log on. This tag holds 50 charges until it expires and then the item will be removed from your inventory. This is the same for all tags, you have to open a chest (yepp just like you get your weapons in CS:GO). Even the ones you open in chests only have 50 charges before they are removed from your inventory.



We here at Gamerslug do not like this idea! The community has wanted the graffiti back from the old games. It was such an iconic feature of the game and being able to personalize your own tag was awesome.  Instead today we’re given a system where you can not customize your own tag, you have to pay for it and it only has limited charges. I know that Valve has been greedy before with the skins and what not but come on!? What is this crap? Out of all the solutions they could have come up with this was the one? We here at Gamerslug have stopped playing CS:GO since the beginning of the summer with all the scandals. We were tired of the greed from Valve’s side of things. This seems to be just another step in the direction of where this game is going. As it looks right now, we are not coming back, but in the coming weeks you will be able to see guides concering CS:GO here at Gamerslug.

Looking at revenue of the 221 million dollars in 2015 for CS:GO alone.

We see that CS:GO brings in huge amount of money, is it not time to give back to the community, we want our personalized spray tags. Well enough about our whining, what are your thoughts, do you like the new system or are you as disappointed as we are? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Also note that a blog-post about WoW will be coming up in the coming days! Stay tuned and keep on gaming.

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8 OCTOBER 2016

Worlds is live!

So Worlds is finally here! Oh how we have longed for this day. The popcorns are popped, the chips bags are opened and the predictions are set! We here at Gamerslug thought we would share some of our predictions for the group stages with you!

MvP of the tournament:


The whole crew here at Gamerslug came to an early agreement of our MvP pick. We think that Smeb of team ROX will be the best player of the tournament. We feel that Smeb has only grown throughout the year and with the recent win at LCK Summer 2016 we feel that he is at his peak right now. And what better time to peak then at Worlds?

Favorite team:

It should come as no surprise that our favorite team for the title is ROX tigers. They have a really, really, really (you get the point now right?) stacked lineup. Our two favorite players in the team are Smeb and Peanut, these two players seem unstoppable at what they are doing. We hope they give us the show that we so desperately want.


As runner up team we have predicted RNG. Being the high variance team that they are the team could sadly fall any time in the tournament. But if they get their act together we see them as potential runner ups and on a really good day they might even win the whole tournament.


Predictions group per group:

Group A:
1.Rox, since it is our favorite we will of course guess them as nr.1 of the group.
2. CLG, here we want to be a bit ballsy and call out CLG as the taker of the second place instead of G2. G2 is on paper the better team but we feel that CLG will take the crucial points against G2 and therefore take the spot.

Group B:
We have to admit this is the hardest group to predict. The question for us was who is going to be number one and number two in the group. We here at Gamerslug are three guys and after an intense debate we came up with this result. It was a really close call and it could just aswell turn out to be the other way around…..
1. SKT because of their potential as a team and being the winners of last years tournament.

2. C9. Being the great team that C9 is we are rooting for them to take second place. We do not think they are strong enough to take the first place from SKT but they are clear favorites for the edging out the second place over IMAY and Flash Wolves.

Group C:

1.EDG is the clear favorite to win the group, we see EDG advancing to at least the semi finals in New York if not even further.
2. H2K because GO EU! But this pick could easily be exchanged for ahq.

Group D:
1.RNG. Given that they can play consistently, they have previously showed signs of having too high of variance in their play.

2. TSM, a combination of american and european players. Being a group of swedish guys here at Gamerslug we want our neighbours in the southwest to perform well. Also with the tournament being held in the US we are hoping for some good cheering in the playoffs if they make it.  



What are your thoughts on Worlds 2016? Let us know on our Facebookpage !


We would also like to remind you of our upcoming Beta release in the coming weeks, be sure to check out the site in mid-october to be able to create and read multiple guides concerning both LoL and other games!  

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2 OCTOBER 2016